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leisure & sport
master planning
mixed use
national representation of architecture

2014 UN HABITAT Orihisagami ‘we do not built new, we renovate’

2014    ‘Chicken roar knights’, Month of Design, Eat and Drink design, Innovation award.

2014    ‘Top Five Awards’, product industrial design: Ambient Ljubljana

2012    ‘KMFK 20 movable conference table for 20 people’, BIO 23 Biennial of industrial Design

2011    ‘Officially-business landscape UMAR’, ‘Golden pencil award’, Chamber of Architecture and 
    Spatial Planning Slovenia

2011    ‘Reanimation: less architecture, more nature’, Slovenia pavilion,

13th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice

2011    ‘Fly into the wooden, knitted and terracotta…‘We do not need new products to pollute Earth; existing product re-use, sustainable approach,’ Bird house of Gorenjska Banka

2010    ‘Pico Natura Region’, Slovenia pavilion, 12th International Architecture Exhibition Venice

2010    Business educational center, Nova Gorica

2010    New business complex, Bericevo

2010    Business and educational centre in Nova Gorica

2003    New state symbols of Republic Slovenia, Honorary Award.

2001    Sub Center Šiška: Urban planning of area Viator, Ljubljana

2000    Business garage house Šarabon, Ljubljana

1999    Swimming pool with an Olympic pool, Maribor

1998    Renovation of the great hall of the National Assembly of Republic Slovenia, 
    Purchase prize

1997     Transformable Bridge over Ljubljanica River at Koblarjeva Street, Purchase prize

1997    Business Palace PC REI, Ljubljana, Special purchase Prize to progress in Slovenian architecture

1996    New islands around Venice: Lazzaretto Vecchio, Venice

1995     Urban planning of area Spodnje Poljane, Ljubljana

1995     Urban arrangements of Slomšek square, Maribor

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