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studio db ai

i n v e n t i v e

studio db ai

h y p e r


studio db ai

c o m f o r t a b l e



Containers clone house, housing marine for researchers

House 45 degrees - ‘Domesticity’ housing

Business building Impakta, offices with vertical working stations

In & out house, three module house

House S revitalization

Villa Feliks 1 - garden house with a green underground

Villa Feliks 2 - planar mansard

Polygonal space, triangle interior of a house

Contemporary mansion D1 - transpolis
Youth suite design - MA 19

House on a dam
Makrolab - corporate identity graphic design Venice

Music Twinkler, transportable home of sounds

Signal North, design of electronic music event design
Urban furniture arc-eco-pack
House of two lamellas H2L
Monument to Srecko Kosovel
Duplex apartment Flat 20
Luxurious Atrium A
Penthouse B 07
RX:TX compact discs
House of hanging trees H 4002
Chandelier light Electrodoll
Urban kiosk Twinkler
Amphibian house 
Interior design A
Water pebbles garden A
Dwelling of 44 birches - House for her
Interior design U
Triangle garden house

Office architecture PP 9002
Official office landscape Imad

Movable conference table KMFK 20
Wellness design sauna
Apartment for a lawyer X
School kitchen architecture - Butterfly One

Kindergarten under the castle

Project S, apartment with majlis space
Labyrinth apartment design - moon 50 > 100
Industrial fashion pop-up store
Art deco fashion boutique

Hotel Tartini, renovation of the Mediterranean hotel

Project Y, Folding house

Wooden house wild vine tunnel, leisure facility

House G, house renovation

The chicken of robbery knights. Month of Design: Eat and Drink design

Žlebe Marjeta Glamping, web portal design project

Visions for playgrounds and urban equipment KPL Ljubljana

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