House of two lamellas H2L

dynamic sustainable family house for cosy lifestyle in nature & sustainable green living

reserved for Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU committed clients

status: commission
location: Black village, Barje, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private
program: luxury family house for 4 people, entrance loggia, gallery living space with pool view, fire place, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining space with bar, guest room, fitness shower niche, sauna wellness, home office, central staircase with library, wardrobe rooms, greenhouse, outdoor pool, master bedroom from which you can jump into pool, etc
style features & characteristics: luxurious dynamic architecture, cosy lifestyle, sustainable green living, vast open green space, endogenous garden
built area:  265 m2
structural system: steel, concrete, wood, surfaces materials: glass, esal modula
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD, architect
consultants: structure Vojko Mlakar Statik, Ltd, geomechanic Franc Vidic Geotec Ltd, electrical services T. Jevšnikar Proelit Ltd, mechanical services M. Lenassi Lenassi Ltd, sewage N.Nosan Kono Ltd
appointment 2004

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