Duplex apartment F20

young couple apartment design with mosaic mirror art installation

status: commission
location: Bežigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private
publications & media: Hiše magazine sept 2005, text Maja Ivanic
photo: Miran Kambic
program: residential area, apartment for a young couple with a gallery and terrace, food passage, sun passage, book passage, catalpa tree, mosaic mirror shadows
style features & characteristics: open space residence design, eucalyptus parquet floor, silver furniture surfaces, linear floor lightning, mosaic mirror art installation, seashell chandelier, contemporary cosy lifestyle design
built area:  64m2 4th floor + 15m2 5th floor
structural system: concrete, surfaces materials: glass, wood, composite materials, kitchen max funder finishing

silver colour eucalyptus wood floor
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd
consultants: mechanical services Marko Vrabec  Oves Ltd, construction  Vetoform Ltd, Services Locniškar ENT, Trontelj Janko ENT, Suad Begic ENT, Nada portal Ltd, carpenter Oražem ENT, stainless metal workshop Jerman, interior design dealers: Domdesign, Ikea, studio db, Habitat, Harvey Norman, Climaservice snc
appointment 2005 completed 2005