Interior design A

revolutionary residential interior with rammed earth wall design & best toilet on earth

status: commission
location: Koseze, Slovenia
client: private
publications & media: Hiše magazine 33
program: residential interior, home office design, open bathroom design, dinning design, indoor parking for car, the best toilet on earth, green bathroom design
style features & characteristics: open bathroom design, in-room car parking architecture, rammed earth wall design, best toilet on earth - happy toilet, contemporary dining style, home office design, modern abstract fresco, circle wall openings like doors, sphere like lantern paper chandelier lightning
built area: 170 + 90 m2
structural system: brick, steel, surfaces materials: river stones, glass, steel, linen textiles
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD, architect,

Alenka Ružman Orion intertrade Ltd
consultants: structure Vojko Mlakar  Statik Ltd, mechanical services Marko Vrabec Emineo Ltd
foto Miran Kambic
appointment 2005 completed 2006