Labyrinth apartment design Moon 50 > 100

living working and eating sanctuary

status: commission project
location: Vodmat, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private

publication & media: Radio Television Slovenia show Turbulenca
program: special labyrinth renovation of 2 room apartment, fifty is bigger than hounded
style features & characteristics: converting small spaces into cosy homes, living, working and eating sanctuary, multifunctional luxury furniture for small spaces, perforated wall design, open plan with surprising spatial interactions, open bathroom behind curtain, open contemporary kitchen island, circle bedroom design
built area: 53 m2 + 6m2
structural system: concrete, surfaces materials: glass, parquet, silver color wall painting    
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD architect, Damijan Jermancic MDes designer & photographer
consultants: structure Vojko Mlakar Statik Ltd
construction: Gradbeništvo V.I.P, Pavel inštalacije Pavel Bizjan,  interior design dealers Domdesign, Ikea, studio db, Habitat, Harvey Norman, Climaservice Snc

appointment 2010 completed 2011