Art Deco/Nouveau fashion boutique

haute couture vogue fashion curly shopping maze ambient

status: commission project
location: Grand hotel Union palace, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private
program: renovation of a fashion boutique in art deco palace, haute couture vogue art deco/nouveau furniture,

art deco/nouveau fashion tables, art deco/nouveau self-standing mirrors
style features & characteristics: fashion ambient designed like curly shopping maze, standing oval mirror design with  iron wrought frame, art deco/nouveau custom made retail tables like sculptures, art deco crystal chandelier ambient, golden pattern wallpapers, the most beautiful contemporary art deco style interior, sculptural art deco/nouveau stylish golden retail boutique, haute couture vogue fashion shop, fashion boutique alta moda
built area: 121 m2
structural system: wrought iron, surfaces materials: glass wrought iron
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD architect
foto Miran Kambic
appointment 2011 completed 2012

studio db ai art deco nouveau fashion bo