studio db ai official office design Imad



Official office landscape Imad

renovated official office with luxury custom made movable conference table for 20 people KMFK 20

status: public works contracts project

location: Palace of the trading house, Vladimir Šubic, 1929/30, Ljubljana, Slovenia

client: government

publications & media: BIO.23, 23rd biennial of Design Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012

program: office area, conference space, tea kitchen, restrooms, relaxation area, garden terrace
style features & characteristics: government office design, luxury custom made movable conference table for 20 people - KMFK 20, contemporary office restroom design, custom made lightning design, preserved renovated old herringbone parquet, aluminium composite furniture max finishing, large glass sliding partitions, special preserved conference chair ‘Boston’ design in combination with folding chairs ‘Sitland ouverture’

built area: 312 m2

structural system: steel, brick

surfaces materials: glass, aluminium

project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group: Dominika Batista PhD, architect

photo: Damjan Švarc

consultants: structure; Vojko Mlakar, Statik Ltd, construction; Rupena engineering Ltd,

conference chair Boston; Klun ambienti Ltd, folding chair: MTI Pavlic Ltd

appointment 2007 completed 2009

The governmental office space is part of the existing building, designed by the famous Slovenian architect Vladimir Šubic. Built in 1929/30, the building was originally the palace of trade, but is now used by the Slovenian government and Imad. Imad wanted to turn the second floor (previously a library), into a conference space for sixty and work space for seven employees. Whole second floor was designed as gallery space of the big conference hall on the first floor, so that the natural light can also come in from the north. Gallery windows are walled-up. Big task of the renovation was to replace all the missing light, invent a movable conference table for 20 people, change the terrace into a garden, and invent relaxing space for the employees. The project's challenge was to reinvent the famous Slovenian

conference chair 'Boston' from '70 and use it.


Movable conference table for 20 people KMFK 20

A world production of conference tables consists of two major opposite principles of design.

You can call them heavy German very comfortable, but not movable principle and light Italian very sporty principle.

KMFK 20 is invention on this field - a movable conference table for 20 people of dimensions 880 x 120 x 75 cm.

It consists of four mirror like positioned panels of dim 440 x 60 x 75 cm) which are totally modular.

Max ultra-pas panels are fixed to stainless steel table bases with magnets.