Office architecture pp 9002 - office landscape

 contemporary green office space with flexible custom made furniture as ‘spatial windmills’

status: commission project
location: technology park, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private
program: office space, relaxation area, roof terrace, 5 creative working whirligigs
style features & characteristics: flexible custom made furniture as ‘spatial windmills’, specially lacquered veneer, eco sisal durable carpeting, big vases for bamboo plants, open staircase, beautiful office window shades, floor lightning design, selected office chair design, smart conference table design
built area: 226 m2
structural system: steel, wood, wood veneer
surfaces materials: glass, aluminum
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD, architect
consultants: mechanical services Marko Vrabec, Emineo Ltd, electrical services Janez Mohoric Elsyst Ltd, construction In.Co engineering Ltd, chairs Millibar, Meridiana Orion intertrade Ltd
appointment 2007 completed 2009

studio db ai office architecture pp 9002
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