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Monument to Srecko Kosovel. Algorithm!

real digital monument, art high tech temporary installation par excellence cultural urban attraction

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Monument to Srecko Kosovel. Algorithm!

real digital monument, art high tech temporary installation par excellence cultural urban attraction

status: commission
location: Park Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: company Mobitel
publications & media: Radio Television Slovenia show Osmi dan, Delo newspaper, Dnevnik newspaper,

Mladina magazine, Žurnal magazine, Trajekt
program: real digital monument, special screen with 640×96 pixel resolution, 10.5 m long and 1.7 m high, three spatial components: a monolith with integrated screens, the base of the monument with its landscape, and  control systems in an underground chamber
style features & characteristics: floating real digital monument, art high-tech temporary installation, state of the art structure and mechanics, smart glass surfaces, par excellence cultural urban attraction, multimedia presentation of numerical and semantic analysis of the avant-garde work of Srecko, Kosovel, synergy of high technology and green landscape of Tivoli park, algorithm floating above the meadow
built area:  monument 14m2, underground chamber 18m2, landscape 132m2
structural system: glass, aluminium, luminescent screen surface
project team: architecture studio db tehnoservis Ltd, architectural design Dominika Batista PhD architect, calculations Stanka Dobrovoljc, model making Iva Smrke, render Nejc Trošt, landscape architecture, Ana Kučan PhD landscape architect, Luka Javornik collaborator  Arhe Ltd
consultants: structure Goran Šalamon Savaprojekt Jsc, electrical services T. Jevšnikar, co-op Matjaž Hocevar, Marko Cerar Proelit Ltd, mechanical services Marko Vrabec, co-op Jure Pust Oves Ltd,  sewage N.Nosan Kono Ltd, geomechanics Franc Vidic Geotec Ltd, geodetic report Boštjan Kavcic Geodetika ENT security project Sintal Jsc,

fire security project Timtrade Ltd
construction: general constructor Rudi Ziegler, Uroš Trauner Lesnina engineering Jsc, construction supervision Andrej Gantar Inco-invest Ltd, aluminium, steel Gregor Peterkovic, Tomislav Panic Alufinal Krško ENT, glass structure Marko Reiter Kristal Maribor Jsc, glass handling system Aleš Buršic IHS Ltd, led display Lighthouse-technology lcd display Vartech Systems, light screens Design Vertikal Ltd, ssk construction pavilion’s mesh facade curtains Brene Filipic RPS Ltd
model: special thanks to Gorazd Majcen, Ema, Ltd
authors: Boris Balant co-author, creative and animation concept, Dominika Batista author architectural concept, Matthew Biederman co-author algorithms, Zdravko Duša co-author creative concept, Ana Kucan author landscape design, Marko Peljhan co-author creative concept algorithm, Tomaž Šuštar  co-author algorithm, Dragan Živadinov co-author creative concept algorithm animation concept
concept: Project Atol-PACT Systems
timeline: Zdravko Duša and Odiseja
e-poetry and ascii art: Jaka Železnikar
software: Support&Trade
animation render: Art Rebel
appointment 2004 completion interrupted

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