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Water garden atrium A

pebble garden with a water mirror & terracotta light design



Water garden atrium A

pebble garden with a water mirror & terracotta light design

status: commission
location: Koseze, Slovenia
client: private
publication & media: Hiše magazine 34
program: garden area with a water mirror, mini tree park, concrete big pipe garden element for climber plants, hidden secret garden entrance
style features & characteristics: garden night lightning design, mini tree park with robinia and prunus, water garden reflecting pool, garden water mirror, garden terracotta light design, garden wooden stepping stone, pebble garden design, magical water mirror effect, sustainable garden design, eco green garden design           
built area: 100 m2 garden + 50 m2 atrium, mini tree park 150 m2
structural system: visible concrete
surfaces materials: trees foliage, wood, water, river stones
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD, architect
foto Miran Kambic
appointment 2006 completed 2007

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