Youth suite MA 19

apartment for a teenager with illuminating interior wall

status: commission
location: Brdo, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private
publications & media: Ambient magazine 2005, Hiše magazine 5letka april 2005
program: apartment for a teenager, residential area with an atrium, roof terrace, an atrium fountain
style features & characteristics: illuminating interior wall, teak furniture look, Japanese red maple ambient, larch wood design, custom made terrazzo vases, stylish teak decking
built area:  200 m2
structural system: steel, concrete, surfaces materials: glass, aluminium, leather
project team: studio db tehnoservis, Ltd, Dominika Batista PhD architect
consultants: structure A. Žigon Elea Ltd, electrical services T. Jevšnikar Proelit Ltd, mechanical services M. Martelanc Imos Jsc, construction INCO Invest Ltd
appointment 2002 completed 2004

studio db ai youth suite design MA19 p (