House 4002 - house of two floating trees

 hyper sustainable architecture from Arhiš national program

status: commission
location: Prelog, Domžale, Slovenia
client: private
publication & media: Hiše magazine, Dessa gallery exhibition 11 x 1, The Golden Pencil Award is presented each year by the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS), candidate
photo: Miran Kambic

program: residential area for 4 persons, entrance gallery loggia, classic closed fireplace, gallery dining room and open kitchen island with 'background', gallery living room, work passage and reading room, covered parking space, summer driveway and access, parents' bedroom apartment with terrace, bedroom with a large island bed, wardrobe room, gallery rest and recreation, two youth suites
style features & characteristics: red facade design, green eco architecture, hyper sustainable architecture, overhanging terrace design, contemporary balcony design, open stairs design, pebble modern patio design, preserved old ceramic tile stove, renovation architecture, house of two hanging metal 'trees'

built area:  house 235 m2, garden 455 m2
structural system: concrete, brick steel, surfaces materials: wood, composite materials
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd
consultants: mechanical services Marko Vrabec Oves Ltd, construction INCO Invest Ltd
appointment 2005 completed 2007

studio db ai house 4002  house of two ha