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Nostalgia shop

innovative, experimental, future orientated prototypes


The Studio db 

Containers clone house, housing marine for researchers

Infodomus house - multifunction space, work, living, sport, relaxing

House 45 degrees - ‘Domesticity’ housing

Business building Impakta, offices with vertical working stations

In & out house, three module house

House S revitalization

Villa Feliks 1 - garden house with a green underground

Villa Feliks 2 - planar mansard

Polygonal space, triangle interior of a house

House on a dam
Makrolab - corporate identity graphic design Venice

Music Twinkler, transportable home of sounds

Signal North, design of electronic music event design
Movable conference table KMFK 20

Kindergarten under the castle

New symbols of Slovenia state, honour award

Project S, apartment with majlis space

Project S 2102, Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies

For in inspiration only!


The Vertical Working Space - V W S 

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