Butterfly One school theatre kitchen

contemporary theatre for food, educational architecture & green school restaurant design

status: commission project
location: Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: public
publication & media: Delo newspaper, Mladina magazine, Dnevnik newspaper
program: a part of education landscape, primary school Trnovo, Ljubljana, food and sport unit, theatre for food, contemporary custom made school kitchen design for 900 children, school restaurant 
style features & characteristics: educational architecture kitchen, food cooking like theatre performance, green school restaurant design, minimalist industrial kitchen design, organic cookery school, red mosaic in combination with stainless steel surfaces, wooden sliding brise soleil design indoor, wooden sliding brise soleil aesthetics,

school restaurant like black butterfly design
built area: 704 m2
structural system: concrete, brick, surfaces materials: glass, wood
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd, projecting group Dominika Batista PhD, architect, Maja Ivanic architect
consultants:  structure Vojko Mlakar Statik Ltd, mechanical services Marko Vrabec Emineo Ltd, electrical services Janez Mohoric Elsyst Ltd
construction: Elektro Treven Ltd, Gradbeništvo V.I.P, Instalacije Koprivc Ltd,  KosancLtd, Kogast Sistemi Ltd
appointment 2010 completed 2011

studio db ai School kitchen architecture
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