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Luxurious house Atrium A

unique Y shape atrium residential area with indoor parking space

studio db ai luxury house atrium A p (2)



Luxurious house Atrium A

unique Y shape atrium residential area with indoor parking space

status: commission
location: Koseze, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: private
publications & media: Radio Television Slovenia show Ars360, Hiše magazine 33,

Dessa gallery exhibition 11x1, Arhivo, 
photo: Miran Kambic
program: residential area for 6 persons, entrance loggia, island unique kitchen, dining area, living space, outdoor summer bathroom, tree-lined stony garden, water mirror atrium, mini tree park, sauna wellness, home office space, home library space, indoor parking space, Y atrium house shape, atrium sliding facade, water pebble atrium with water mirror, entrance design with wooden stamps, green facade, designed car space entrance, totally sliding glass facade design, seashell curtain, staircase design etc.
style features & characteristics: interior and exterior merging, in-between spaces, big smart facade surfaces with aluminium yellow golden frames, big facade sliding screens, all spaces are connecting to gardens, atrium luxury living, contemporary luxury house design, timeless architecture, home open spaces concept, stylish family dwelling
built area:  house 265 m 2, garden 340 m 2
structural system: concrete, steel, wood, surfaces materials: glass, wood, composite materials,

kitchen max funder finishing, veneer, fine natural textiles
project team: studio db tehnoservis Ltd
consultants: mechanical services Marko Vrabec Oves Ltd, construction INCO Invest Ltd
appointment 2005 completed 2007

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